Welcome to Roger Webb’s Website

The citizens of Senate District 24 and the great state of Montana deserve a strong, dedicated, hardworking voice in the state legislature.  My experiences as a business owner, long time Billings Heights resident, and husband, father, and grandfather have prepared me well for this role.  I’m concerned about the future of Montana and will fight to reduce taxes, strengthen the economy, improve education, lower energy costs, and solve the healthcare crisis.

As a business owner, I have firsthand knowledge of the devastating effects high taxes and health insurance have on the citizens of Montana.  I grew up in “the oil patch” and before moving to Montana, I was involved in my family’s oilfield service company, so I have an understanding of the impact drilling and mining can have on a community and state.  Developing our natural resources can help with so many of the issues we are faced with today – high unemployment, high taxes, high energy costs, lack of funding for education, etc.

Government needs to help the citizens, not hinder them.  I believe that with your help, we can solve these problems that we are faced with today.  As a successful small business owner and a problem solver, I can bring “common sense” as to how government spends your money.

You don’t get the government you PAY for, you get the government you ELECT.