Meet Roger

My name is Roger Webb.  My family and I have lived in the Billings Heights for over 22 years.  We have two daughters who graduated from Skyview High School and both of them are employed in Yellowstone County.  My wife, Peggy, and I celebrated our 40th anniversary this year.

Peggy and I own a company in Billings called ADH (Architectural Doors and Hardware), which has been in business since 1998.  We employ 13 families in our venture, and know the pains and rewards of owning and running a small business.  On a daily basis, we experience what it takes to bring people together to make a business successful. It is important to me to be able to provide for my employees and listen to what is important in their daily lives, and I want to bring that opportunity to Senate District 24, which is a majority of the Billings Heights.  In addition to ADH, I also manage four separate businesses, therefore, I know what it is like to struggle to make ends meet, and understand how to create jobs, how to manage and balance a budget, and how to make payroll.

I feel that it is important to have a voice in Helena that understands the residents in the Heights.  It is important that you know how the messages from Helena affect you as a person and the people you work with and for.  We have an opportunity to make a difference in how government affects you and what effects you can have on Montana.  When I am elected, I promise to provide three important attributes:

  • Awareness as to how government affects you
  • Business experience
  • Common sense

I need your help to be able to provide this service and to develop this opportunity.  It takes a great deal of effort, a committed attitude, and an unbelievable amount of time and money.  First and foremost, I would appreciate your vote in November.  I am also asking for your help to make this opportunity a reality – please see the Help Roger tab that lists all the ways you might be able to help my campaign.  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in the coming months.

Thank you,

Roger Webb